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Ready Pedal Go

Dr Bike

What's the problem with your bike that's stopping you from riding it?

We can help you identify things that need fixing or adjusting and can teach you to:

  • Repair a puncture
  • Set-up and adjust gears and brakes
  • Adjust the saddle and bars to fit you.

Other sessions can also be arranged on request.  It’s surprising, even with a little knowledge, how much you can do yourself with simple tools.

And how about that saddle, do your knees ache after riding? Could be your saddle is too low. It's a myth that you need to be able to touch the ground when sitting on the saddle. That way, your thigh muscles are not working efficiently to propel you along. Raise your saddle by half an inch a week until your legs are nearly, but not quite, straight when sitting on the saddle. Now you'll have to leave the saddle when you stop, and put one foot firmly on the ground. When you're ready to set off again, all your weight will go into that first pedal stroke and give you a smart getaway.

For children, and for Bikeability courses, the recommended saddle height is so you can just get your toes on the ground when seated. NO lower, or you won't be able to pedal well and you will wobble.

Have a look at our bike form for tips on routine safety checks and our helmet form to see how your helmet should fit and sit on your head. These are an integral part of the Bikeability courses and will ensure your bike(s) are safe and legal to ride.  Regular checks will also help to make sure that your bike doesn’t let you down, especially on those longer rides.

Ever thought which bike style, which size, which features, etc.  We can help you choose. The right bike can make all the difference to the enjoyment of cycling.  The right bike can also mean a safer ride.